#BreakUpBigTech: Elizabeth Warren says Facebook just proved her point

Elizabeth Warren's ads promoting a break up of Facebook were briefly taken down by the social media giant

Elizabeth Warren's ads promoting a break up of Facebook were briefly taken down by the social media

Facebook's advertising policies prohibit the use of the company's corporate logo in ads.

Facebook very provocatively pulled the senator's ads calling for a big tech breakup, with a lame excuse that the social network's logo was misused in the ads; later Facebook said it would restore the ads but the act of removing them shows the social network isn't afraid of proving Warren's point about having too much power. "Facebook, Amazon, and Google", read the ads, which Warren's campaign had placed Friday. The ads included a video touting Warren's recently unveiled proposal to use federal antitrust law to break up tech giants like Facebook, Amazon and Google. The removal of Warren's ads comes days after she detailed her vision for tech regulation in a lengthy blog post, in which she argued that any tech platforms with more than $25 billion in revenue should be designated a "platform utility" and, as such, should be prohibited from profiting off the data of its users.

"Three companies have vast power over our economy and our democracy", the ads read, according to Politico. Facebook, Amazon and Google. "We break them apart, that backs up the influence a little bit, and it makes absolutely sure that they're not engaged in these unfair practices that stomp out every little business that's trying to get a start, every startup that's trying to get in there". The ad has since been restored. After Politico reported on the story, however, Facebook quickly worked to restore them. A Facebook spokesman said the ads were removed because they included an image of the Facebook logo, which is against the company's policies.

Facebook removed those ads, citing their violation of the company's policy of not allowing ads which use the Facebook brand.

The policy in question says that Facebook ads can not use the company's corporate logo in posts. According to POLITICO, the social media giant made a decision to restore the ads to encourage a "robust debate".

Not all of Warren's advertisements against tech giants were removed.

The email also suggested that this wasn't the only example of Facebook "pulling down an ad that could be seen as critical" and asked supporters to chip in to help the campaign spread the word about the senator's proposal to break up "Big Tech".

"Curious why I think [Facebook] has too much power?"

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