Details about Google’s game streaming platform just leaked ahead of today’s announcement

Image Source Chris Kohler

Image Source Chris Kohler

The service, codenamed Yeti, will run on multiple hardware devices, including PCs, Macs, phones, TVs, and more.

Another report suggests that Google is pushing in three directions: a game streaming service akin to Nvidia's GeForce Now, hardware that will facilitate the streaming platform, and courting game developers. These include being able to purchase/download the game you're watching and start off in a similar position to the streamer in your own game (like downloading a copy of their save), as well as installing the title they're playing and jumping into the same play session as them. Former Xbox and PlayStation exec Phil Harrison is running the firm's Yeti efforts and has allegedly been "poaching" developers and executives from throughout the industry.

Google will kickstart its presentation at GDC 2019 at 5pm GMT / 10am PDT today.

"Console, PC, and mobile platforms all saw significant growth, while developing portions of the market like subscription and streaming services gave us a peek into a future full of possibilities for the industry and gamers", NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said in a release. All you the non-developers eyes will of course be focused on the keynote speech which often showcases the future of Android and other Google products for the coming year or two. We'll update this once the news from Google, whatever it turns out to be, is announced. "Don't really want to get copyright claimed to hell".

Google collaborated with French video game colossus Ubisoft to use the hit "Assassin's Creed" franchise to test "Project Stream" technology for hosting the kind of quick, seamless play powered by in-home consoles as an online service. What is interesting however, is the presence of a Google Assistant button which could be used for voice communication. There is expected to be both a software and hardware component to Google's announcement.

Google console to launch with games from franchises like Assassin's Creed and Doom?

Considering that Id's games like Doom and Quake are created to play best with no latency, having Id on board at launch would go a long way in building confidence for a cloud game streaming service from Google. You might be able to buy a game directly from a YouTube ad.

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