Fisker teases Tesla Model Y competitor

Fisker's 2020 electric

Fisker's 2020 electric

He tweeted the news about the EV SUV on Monday after teasing about it over the weekend. It's still early days but Fisker is already touting a starting price of less than $40,000. Fisker Inc is now finalising the selection of a facility, located in the U.S., to produce the all-electric SUV.

What won't be an option is the so-called "extended range" battery. Today brings our first look at the vehicle, which we now know will be an all-electric SUV with a standard range near 300 miles.

We'll have to wait a little while to see how realistic that actually is.

Fisker plans to reveal a driveable prototype of the vehicle by the end of 2019.

Embracing the advantages of electrification will happen outside and in, Fisker promises.

Up front the wide SUV sports a high-mounted radar system that is flanked by sleek LED headlights above curved fog lights below. Below that is a parametric mesh, with directed air cooling. The company says more details will be released closer to launch.

The Fisker EMotion luxury sedan EV.
The Fisker EMotion luxury sedan EV. Fisker

Inside, the SUV will offer a roomy interior and modern design aesthetic-something we can trust that Fisker will get right from the start-plus a large head-up display and "unique, intuitive user interface".

There will also be an extended length sunroof-style mechanism for an "open-air atmosphere. without compromising the rugged and safe structural integrity" of the vehicle.

"While other manufacturers have introduced handsome, high-performance electric cars with high price tags, the real race is about who can deliver a truly high-volume, affordable, yet desirable [model]", Fisker said in a statement.

It's been nearly two years since reborn electric auto startup Fisker showed us the EMotion, a svelte sedan promised with a 500-mile range. All-wheel drive, the EMotion depends on a new battery technology. And expect that careful use of the word "enhanced" could correspond to the supplemental use of the solid-state battery tech Fisker has been cheerleading (and co-developing)-or ultracapacitors, perhaps.

Now, though, it's juggling the timelines. In 2017, Fisker announced that it would partner with The Hybrid Shop, a national network of service centers, to provide service and support for the EMotion.

The other two more affordable models in the brand's upcoming lineup should follow the EMotion. Fisker anticipates charging times dropping to just minutes. Coincidentally, so is Tesla for the Model Y.

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