'Game of Thrones' final episode lengths, dates revealed

In the words of Septa Unella "shame, shame, shame" because they were all wrong.

The final six episodes of the megahit show were originally rumored to be 90 minutes long each, but it's now clear that only the last four episodes will be longer than the show's usual runtime.

The last season of "Game of Thrones" is nearly here, and HBO has been careful to keep spoilers under wraps.

Jon Snow prepares for one final battle.

"Collaborations with franchises like Game of Thrones are part of our DNA", said Alberto Uncini Manganelli, General Manager of Adidas Running.

Episode Two will air on Sunday, April 21 and be 58 minutes long. The US-based cabler also revealed the debut dates for each of the last episodes, the first of which premieres on April 14 in the US, which means Monday, April 15 in Australia.

The reputable fan site Watchers on the Wall have confirmed that the domain of House Stark will be the main setting for the third episode and this is supported by a previous interview that Vladimir Furdik (The Night King) gave to the Hungarian news website Sorozat Wiki, as translated by a native speaker at Mashable.

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The runtimes were unofficially leaked earlier in the week, disappointing some fans who were expecting each episode to essentially be a mini film. The season's six episodes felt more like "six movies" than they did a set of TV episodes, he insisted, which many people took to be a reference to their length.

Those late nights have never looked better.

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