Gmail and Google Drive services suffer outages around the world, including Singapore

Dave Smith  Business Insider

Dave Smith Business Insider

Gmail users in particular, will have difficulty "attaching or accessing attachments, as well as accessing and saving draft emails and sending emails".

Users from several countries report issues with Gmail and Google Drive.

According to a message posted on G-Suite Status Dashboard at 7:53 p.m., there was notice of known "service disruption". Some say that Gmail and Google Drive is not working for them while others are saying that the services are slow.

We'll let you know as soon as we have more information.

Affected users were unable to send emails, receiving an error message that said "Message could not be sent. Recent change might not have been saved".

After checking the internet connection, however, it's clearly not a network issue.

Google Maps also appeared to be experiencing issues, with users who tried to use Street View mode seeing a black screen, instead of images of the location.

Gmail has been having issues since around 1:50pm.

Hopefully, Google will quickly solve this issue. Some may even look at this outage as a surprise break in the work day.

We will update this story when there is a resolution.

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