Minsk comes last among European capitals in Quality of Living Ranking

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Minsk comes last among European capitals in Quality of Living Ranking

Not one US city ranks in the world's top 30 for its quality of living, according to Global consulting firm Mercer. Chennai was ranked Southern Asia's safest city while Karachi is the least safe.

Vienna is in the first place, followed by Zurich (Switzerland), Vancouver (Canada), Munich (Germany), Auckland (New Zealand). Detroit came in last at 231.

Over in Asia, Singapore has the highest quality of living, followed by five Japanese cities: Tokyo (#49), Kobe (#49), Yokohama (#55), Osaka (#58), and Nagoya (#62).

In South East Asia, other notable cities include Kuala Lumpur (85th), Bangkok (133rd), Manila (137th), and Jakarta (142nd); and in mainland China: Shanghai (103rd), Beijing (120th), Guangzhou (122nd) and Shenzen (132nd). Mercer is the world's largest human resources consulting firm headquartered in New York City.

The survey considered several factors to determine the quality of living in each city.

The safest city in Europe was Luxembourg (1), followed by Basel, Bern, Helsinki and Zurich in joint second.

The cities were assessed by the level of internal stability, crime, the position of the law enforcement agencies, restriction of personal freedom.

Riyadh made some gains to be 164th, and the opening up of the city's entertainment scene as part of Saudi Vision 2030, did play a part. If Amsterdam wants to make it into the top 10 next year, it will have to devote more attention to traffic problems and recreation.

Kuwait City ranked 126th out of 231 cities in the 2019 Quality of Living Ranking published Wednesday. According to the survey, Phnom Penh is in the lowest rank in terms of personal safety. Gambia's progress towards a democratic political system, alongside improved worldwide relations and human rights meant that Banjul (179) not only had the most improved quality of living in Africa, but also in the world, rising six places this year.

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