Mob boss shot dead, and a whole NJ neighborhood is shut down

Mob boss shot dead, and a whole NJ neighborhood is shut down

Mob boss shot dead, and a whole NJ neighborhood is shut down

When asked what Mr Comello had written...

Comello's lawyer Brian Neary would not discuss the writing on his client's hand or say whether Comello maintains his innocence.

Comello will be represented by NY attorney Robert Gottlieb once he faces court in NY.

His extradition hearing is set for 2:30 p.m., according to the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office.

Comello sat with a slight smile in the jury box of the courtroom on Monday afternoon as dozens of reporters and photographers filed into the room.

During the hearing, a bored-looking Comello did not speak other than to say, "Yes, sir" to the judge as he answered several procedural questions.

The man who has been taken into custody in connection with the shooting death of the reputed NY crime boss Francesco "Frank" Cali, will waive extradition on Monday, his lawyer told CNN.

Officials haven't confirmed that the Gambino crime family has posted a bounty on Comello, but "the general feeling is that there's an "X" on this guy's back", one source said.

The 53-year-old Cali, a native of Sicily, was shot to death by a gunman who may have crashed his truck into Cali's vehicle to lure him outside. The NYPD said Cormello pumped 10 bullets into Cali in front of his Staten Island home on Wednesday of last week.

"We are well aware of Mr. Cali's past", New York Police Department Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said at a press conference on Saturday.

Cali was home with family members when a truck hit a auto outside the residence, Shea had said earlier in the week at a news conference.

"I do not believe this man acted alone", former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and organized crime expert David Shapiro told CBS New York.

"I think it's a strong possibility", he said. He wanted to date Cali's niece, who's in college, CBS News reported, citing police sources.

The last Mafia boss to be rubbed out in New York City was Gambino don "Big Paul" Castellano, who was assassinated in 1985.

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