New Leak Reveals a 5G Galaxy Note 10 Is in the Works

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New Leak Reveals a 5G Galaxy Note 10 Is in the Works

Details as to when this model could go live aren't available for the time being, but Samsung could announce it in the fall of this year. Of course now that the S10 family has been released, attention is turning elsewhere and gadget fans are already looking to the future.

In 2019, 5G doesn't matter. If you needed more reasons to buy the Galaxy Buds over others, then you can sheepishly add concern for the environment to the list.

You can probably see where we're going with this. It has plenty of new features, and the company posted a neat infographic, showcasing the 10 firsts and 10 bests the new flagship is bringing to the smartphone world. Well there's no space for the required sensors to carry this out in the Galaxy S10's design, with the front camera (s) embedded into the screen, rather than in a notch. Recall that after the disappointment by the Galaxy S9 series previous year, it was the Galaxy Note 9 that saved Samsung from a total embarrassment. Most OEMs just push non-carrier updates on their own schedule, but Samsung runs the update through the big four USA carriers before delivering it to unlocked phones. The codename was revealed by Samsung insider Ice Universe all the way back in September a year ago.

The face recognition-based screen lock feature in the Samsung Galaxy S10 can be easily fooled using a photo or a video of the owner as shown by multiple reports coming from customers, experts and tech reviewers. But it's not just any davinci reference, it's a reference to a "davinci5G".

Nothing else of note was pulled from the S10's source code, but now that three of Samsung's four Galaxy S10 phones have been released we can expect the rumor mill's attention to turn to the Galaxy Note 10.

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