Non-EU Norway still anxious over no-deal Brexit

Non-EU Norway still anxious over no-deal Brexit

Non-EU Norway still anxious over no-deal Brexit

The Prime Minister came under pressure from "switchers" who voted for her plan last week fearing if it fell there would be a lengthy delay to Brexit. I have the highest respect for her, " said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. "I've had enough of it".

Her comment comes just days after the speaker of the House of Commons blocked her proposal to hold a third vote on the deal, citing 400-year-old precedent that says the same proposition can not be put to MPs again and again.

The whole Brexit mess is because we have a hung parliament.

He says "there's no confidence". Britain could still crash out without a transition, disrupting business and souring relations before the sides sit down to negotiate a trade pact and decide how to manage their politically sensitive land border in Ireland.

May has ruled out revoking Article 50, and has said that doing so - in order to go back to the public with a second referendum - would risk undermining the British public's trust in democracy.

Solberg spoke Friday in Brussels where she marked the 25th anniversary of the European Economic Area with counterparts from Iceland and Liechtenstein.

May had requested a short delay until June 30 to allow time for the ratification of her deal if it approved, but European leaders decided they did not want Brexit concerns to linger into the election campaign.

If the accord is rejected, Britain will have until April 12 to offer a new plan or choose to quit without a treaty.

The basic problems of Brexit remain, however.

"It did not go well", said one European Union official familiar with the talks.

Joachim Lang, the chief executive of the Federation of German Industries, said that "our companies need clarity".

"We know that the Petitions site is experiencing problems due to the number of people using the site. We have done everything we could to get the withdrawal agreement over finishing line", he said. The British military has even set up a command post in a bunker under the defense ministry in London to help coordinate "no-deal" planning.

"What the decision underlines is the importance of the House of Commons passing a Brexit deal next week so that we can bring an end to the uncertainty and leave in a smooth and orderly manner", May said.

In a move that underlined their loss of confidence in May as she battles for her political survival, the leaders set two deadlines for Britain to leave or to take an entirely new path in considering its European Union future. Legislator Anna Soubry, of the breakaway Independent Group, described it as the "most dishonest and divisive statement from any prime minister".

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called May's continued attempts to salvage the deal and move towards a withdrawal from the June "unacceptable and reckless".

"Today was a long seven hours that bought us two weeks", another European Union diplomat said.

May said that if the deal falls, by April 12, "we would either leave with no deal, or put forward an alternative plan" that involved participating in EU Parliament elections. It's a real political and democratic crisis.

Talks on Brexit ran so late into the night that scheduled discussions on the EU's relations with China were postponed until Friday.

They could back her withdrawal deal, deliver on the referendum and leave the EU in "an orderly manner" or face the prospect of having to stand candidates in the European Parliamentary elections, three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, BBC News reports. "But before April 12, we will face the very same questions as now".

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