Parliament Again Votes Down May’s Brexit Deal

Sorry we haven’t a clue Brexit mired in crisis again			
   by Dominic Yeatman 

Sorry we haven’t a clue Brexit mired in crisis again by Dominic Yeatman Published

She said: "This tells us everything that is wrong with a no-deal scenario".

Doncaster MP Caroline Flint was one of just three Labour MPs to support Theresa May's brexit deal - which was overwhelmingly defeated in the House of Commons.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for a general election to be held so the public can decide if they want him to implement his own Brexit plan, which would keep the United Kingdom in a customs union with the EU.

I wish the Prime Minister had not been made to be frightened of the people who sat behind her.

Mrs May reiterated votes are planned on a no-deal Brexit and extending Article 50, adding: "There will be hard choices for this House but this House will need to determine what its view is on the way forward".

Today (Wednesday), MPs will get a vote on whether the United Kingdom should leave without a deal on March 29 and, if that is rejected, a vote on Thursday on whether Brexit should be delayed.

Jeremy Corbyn will whip his MPs to vote against a plan that would see the United Kingdom crash out of Europe without agreements for future co-operation with Brussels.

Mrs May said a customs union was part of proposals put forward by Labour but argued these had "already been rejected" by MPs.

"It's time that we have a general election and the people can choose who their government should be", Corbyn said on Tuesday after May suffered a humiliating 391 to 242 defeat when her Brexit deal was rejected by Parliament for a second time.

Pleas ignored Mrs May begs for support and vote result announced
Pleas ignored Mrs May begs for support and vote result announced

Mrs May agreed but insisted her deal is a "good deal" and she wants the United Kingdom to leave with a good deal.

And he warned Tory MPs who plan to vote against the deal that it could mean Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister.

Battling against her ailment the Prime Minister made a statement after the result of the vote was read out, saying: "I continue to believe that by far the best outcome is the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in orderly fashion with a deal".

THE public must have a say over Brexit in a second European Union referendum, MP Drew Hendry insists.

Walker said May would lead the party into any election.

Theresa May has been described as a "rabbit in the headlights", too frightened of Brexiteers in her party to really say how bad no-deal would be for country, according to a Labour MP.

Amid speculation about how long she can survive in Downing Street, the Prime Minister's aides insisted she had not considered resigning.

"And that the deal we have negotiated is the best and indeed only deal available".

Boris Johnson is among leadership candidates sizing up their chances.

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Labour leader Corbyn demands general election after Theresa May’s Brexit defeat