Scott Thompson: Why won’t Justin Trudeau let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak again?

Jody Wilson Raybould meets with constituents. BEN NELMS  The Globe and Mail

Jody Wilson Raybould meets with constituents. BEN NELMS The Globe and Mail

"It's been incredibly hard - this is me getting a little bit personal here - for me and for my family, and I know for many of you", she said, her voice occasionally catching.

Conservative MP Michael Cooper said it is essential for the discussion to be out in the open because not allowing Wilson-Raybould to speak again is obstructing the committee's ability to fully study the matter. She was re-assigned as Veterans Affairs Minister in a cabinet shuffle, in turn seen as a demotion for not bowing to what she says was undue political pressure from the leaders to withdraw the company SNC Lavalin from criminal charges and instead offer them a plea bargain known as Deferred Prosecution Agreement.resulting a fine.

Cries of "shame", "despicable" and "cover-up" were uttered by opposition MPs who had demanded to hear from Ms Wilson-Raybould again after Liberals used their majority to end the meeting, Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper reported.

Oddly enough, that's the same day the Liberals drop their budget. Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre claimed yesterday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is directing the Liberal members and said it should be called the "Justin committee" rather than the "justice committee".

"I never asked for this", she said.

Philpott's resignation follows in suit with the principled approach of stepping down from her position, much in the same vein as why Wilson-Raybould left caucus.

When he testified, Butts put the dispute down to a series of miscommunications and misunderstandings.

The committee will reconvene on March 19 for their meeting where they will not only decide whether Wilson-Raybould will be invited back before the committee, but will also determine other witnesses they may wish to speak.

But Poilievre said Trudeau doesn't want Canadians to know what that is.

And one more kicker: the next meeting will be held behind closed doors, no cameras allowed, leaving Canadians wondering if they will ever know what happened. "Justin Trudeau is transforming the justice committee into the Justin committee".

New Democrat MP Tracey Ramsey said Trudeau himself has benefited from what she called a double standard. The Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development has also made a rare statement saying they are "watching" the situation which involves an worldwide incident of bribery and fraud by the Canadian-based multinational SNC Lavalin.

Of course, SNC-Lavalin did not want the case to go to trial, as they employ 50,000 people around the world, including 8,500 Canadian employees.

"We will use every tool in the parliamentary tool kit in order to pressure the government and the prime minister to stop his coverup and let Jody Wilson-Raybould speak".

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