Sex Scandals Take Down K-Pop Stars Jung Joon-young and Seungri

Yong Junhyung Leaves Highlight

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A second K-pop star has dramatically quit the music business, in a growing industry sex scandal. I have filmed women without consent and have distributed footage in social-media chatrooms and I've felt no guilt while doing so.

Yong Junhyung announced today that he will be leaving K-pop band Highlight - formerly known as Beast.

According to SBS, Jung, 29, took spy cam footage and shared them with his acquaintances via group chats on mobile messenger apps.

Singer-songwriter Jung Joon Young was accused of leaking secret sex videos across the web.

After Seungri announced his retirement on March 12, YG Entertainment has honoured Seungri's request to terminate his exclusive contract.

A member of the chatroom was labelled in the report as "Singer Yong", leading to speculation that this was Yong Junhyung of Highlight.

Yong's agency Around US Entertainment also confirmed Yong's retirement in its own statement released on March 14, translated by Soompi.

Starting from the recent club assault scandal, which Seungri was involved in, we would like to apologize for the concern we have caused many people, including the fans, due to the numerous suspicions and controversies.

Jung is also reportedly included in a group chat in which Seungri made orders to procure sexual favors for his clients.

According to the Seoul Police, Jung joon Young who is now in his 30s, has been suspected of violating the sexual violence laws in Korea which prohibit the non - consensual filming as well as sharing of intimate videos. He continued, "I did not receive a video at the time, but I did receive a video at a different instance".

Lee Suh-yoon, a writer for the The Korea Times, a daily newspaper, also suggested that "these recurring outbursts of gender-related crimes can no longer be attributed to ethical lapses of a few select individuals, meaning it's time to point the finger at society, culture and an industry that overlooks and encourages such horrifying behaviour".

"Throughout the rest of my life, I will repent on my immoral and illegal acts that constitute crimes".

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is expected to question Joon-young him later this week, an officer told AFP.

"What a scumbag. I am ashamed to say I used to be a Big Bang fan", said Jenny Eusden, an English teacher in South Korea. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry".

The admission emerged on the same day that South Korean police were set to question two other K-pop stars over their roles in the scandal. Starnews/AFP/Getty Images "I acknowledge all my sins and actions in connection with what is being said about me about the allegations".

K-pop had largely escaped scandals as South Korea's anti-sexual harassment #MeToo movement ensnared political, sports, and other figures.

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