Volvo’s new cars to stop drunk and unsafe drivers

Volvo will deploy in-car cameras in an attempt to curb drunk distracted driving

Volvo will deploy in-car cameras in an attempt to curb drunk distracted driving

The behaviors that Volvo hopes that its cameras will be able to detect include lack of steering input for extended periods, drivers with their eyes closed, as well as "extreme weaving across lanes" or "excessively slow reaction times", Volvo said. The automaker is looking into whether or not insurance companies could offer special, favorable insurance to the Volvo community using these safety features.

Volvo also said it would introduce Care Key, allowing a Volvo buyer to set a speed limit for themselves or before lending the auto to younger or inexperienced drivers, as standard on all its cars from 2021. However, Volvo claims that if the system could also detect if a driver is intoxicated or falling asleep. If a driver doesn't respond to warning signals, the vehicle will get involved.

Moreover, Samuelsson confirmed that all models manufactured on its SPA2 platform would have cameras and sensors installed in them to assist with interventions if the driver is deemed to not be in the right state of mind to man the wheel. "Our recently announced speed limit fits that thinking and the Care Key is another example", said Håkan Samuelsson, president and CEO at Volvo Car Group.

Volvo has set itself the goal of preventing deaths and serious injuries in its new cars by 2020, and the 180kph limit shows that it means business.

"Many want to be able to share their vehicle with friends and family, but are unsure about how to make sure they are safe on the road", Håkan Samuelsson, Volvo Cars' chief executive, said of the new device. Called a "Care Key", the guest-driver key will be standard on all 2021 and newer Volvos.

We can't help but wonder if Volvo's next step will be a message when you start the auto up that says "We know what is good for you" while slowly and ominously tightening the seatbelt.

The monitoring cameras, speed limit implementation and Care Key, all serve to support safer driving, according to Volvo.

The first step in achieving this ideal, the Swedish carmaker revealed, was to reduce the speed limit of its new models to 180km/hr.

"We believe that a carmaker has a responsibility to help improve traffic safety".

It'll do that under the Volvo E.V.A. They've been responsible for gathering a huge database of incidents: the type of crash, the causes, how the vehicles were impacted, how safety technology helped or hindered, and what injuries were sustained.

"We're making this data, these publications easily accessible and available for everybody", Volvo's Lotta Jakobsson said of the company's crash data. More than 72,000 people are now logged in Volvo's records.

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