Windows 10 will automatically uninstall problematic updates

Microsoft's'Your Phone App With Android Screen Mirroring Now Available in Beta for Windows 10

Your Phone app will support mirroring on Android

According to Windows Latest, which discovered the documentation, Microsoft published the support document with no official announcement, and it apparently even blocked search engines from discovering the page.

Occasionally, these updates can fail Your device has recently recovered from a startup failure if you have received this notification: "We removed some recently installed updates to recover your device from a startup failure".

The new option may resolve some issues automatically but it certainly is not a catch-all option that recovery any issue that is update related. As a matter of fact, Microsoft acknowledged last week some gaming performance issues with the latest patch for Windows 10 version 1809, recommending users to uninstall it.

In the ongoing saga of trying to mitigate the potential problems caused by speculative execution exploits like Spectre and Meltdown (and the fixes to those fixes) Microsoft has a new Windows patch called KB4482887. Microsoft says that this will give time for software developers to investigate what may have been causing the problems and then issue a fix.

Once an update has been removed, Windows will not attempt to reinstall it for another 30 days.

We've all been through this dejecting situation; and as it turns out, you could be experiencing it again if you update your system to the latest OS update from Microsoft.

In this updated document, Microsoft also added that to avoid similar issues and to "ensure that your device can start up and continue running as expected", the company will also prevent Windows to install any problematic updates automatically for the next 30 days.

The update will bring several major changes, including Windows Sandbox to run applications in a secure environment similar to virtual machines.

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