'Yelp for Conservatives': New App Identifies Trump-Friendly Restaurants and Businesses

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To quote a famous, decade-old iPhone ad, which could have never have seen this conservative twist, "there's an app for that".

FOX & Friends on Monday interviewed Scott Wallace, the creator of '63red Safe', a smartphone app that helps Trump-supporting conservatives find restaurants where they can wear their MAGA hats and carry their guns and not be harassed.

An app developer launched a program created to tell customers which restaurants and businesses are safe for Trump supporters following a slew of attacks on persons who support President Donald Trump.

The need for such an app suggests a rise in anti-conservative actions across the U.S. In fact, hate crimes have been on the rise during the Trump administration, though the data suggests that Americans are targeted due to their race, religion, or gender identity. Now, you can add "Trump Friendly" to the list. The questions also inquire whether the business will serve patrons of "every political belief" and if they avoid political advertisements. Will they protect their customers if they're under attack by others in the restaurant?

If they allow customers to carry weapons legally under concealed carry laws.

"We feel like there's a general unease among conservatives out there about whether they'll be protected and safe when they go out to restaurants and local businesses", Wallace explained.

"63red Safe works like a conservative Yelp", the publication reported.

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