YouTube Music officially launched in India; pricing starts at ₹99

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YouTube Music is now available in India

Today, YouTube has finally announced the launch of its music streaming service, YouTube Music (ad-supported), in India. There will also be a paid version of the app, YouTube Music Premium for Rs 99 per month, that will allow users to play songs and videos in the background, while they toggle between apps, write a text message or lock their phone during a run. This service is also available with student plans outside India. Family plans cost R90/month.

T. Jay Fowler, director of product management, music products, YouTube, said, "We know that India loves watching music videos on YouTube - be it the vibrancy, choreography, stars and glamour". Priced at INR 129 per month, YouTube Premium includes a membership to YouTube Music Premium, offers an ad-free experience with background play and offline downloads for millions of videos on YouTube. This is available on a free three-month trial. Subscribers of Play Music will continue to have access their purchased music, uploads and playlists.

Latest songs: YouTube Music offers remixes, cover albums, singles, live versions from the biggest global and national artists to freshest voices breaking through. "It's also where over 2 million artists come to share their voices and art with the world", said Google in a release. The YouTube Music app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be download from the app stores of the respective platforms.

After downloading and installing, Google will ask you to sign in with an email ID.

Fully personalised recommendations: It also offers customised home screen, which dynamically adapts to provide recommendations based on people's listening history, where they are and what they're doing. Unlike with videos, though, rolling out a music streaming service in other countries can be a tricky thing. You can however change this in Settings anytime you want.

A closer look at the interface of You Tube Music
A closer look at the interface of You Tube Music

Just like Netflix and other streaming players, YouTube has started building a catalogue of "originals". You also get access to YouTube Originals, such as Cobra Kai, and can download more than 100 tracks for offline playback.

The Hotlist section shows you the latest and trending content. Google claims the application has thousands of playlists across genre, mood, and activity.

The standard version of YouTube Music comes for free but supports ads, while that's not the case with YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube is already India's most popular online music source via its free mainstay video service. All one need's to do is use prompts like, "That rap song with flute", or lyrics (even if they're wrong) like "Starbucks lovers". At Rs 129 per month for both Google Play Music and YouTube Music PLUS ad-free YouTube, the new YouTube Premium does look like a compelling offer. There's also the voice search option.

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