Alabama Senate approves lottery bill, first big hurdle

Could Alabama soon join Mississippi in having a statewide lottery? Dan Gleiter PennLive 2016

Could Alabama soon join Mississippi in having a statewide lottery? Dan Gleiter PennLive 2016

This said, Bobby Singleton of Greensboro did get an amendment added that said the prohibition on video gaming and video lottery terminals did not apply to any form of bingo or pari-mutuel betting (the type of betting associated with horse races), a move Singleton says protects jobs at facilities where these types of betting exist.

Senators on Thursday voted 21-12 for the bill.

The proposed constitutional amendment would authorize a lottery played with paper tickets, including instant tickets and multi-state lottery games, and would prohibit video lottery terminals which can resemble slot machines. If the bill can find a push through the State Senate and House, it would then become a voted on bill for Alabama voters to hopefully find on ballots in 2020. 21 votes were the absolute minimum needed to pass.

Alabama is one of five states - along with Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, and Nevada - without a state lottery.

The Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee passed a lottery bill Tuesday and it could be in the full Senate later this week.

After debate began there were immediate disagreements on electronic gambling.

Senators who support the state dog tracks said they want to either allow video lottery terminals at the track or at least ensure that the tracks' current electronic bingo operations can continue.

The Legislative Service Agency, which estimates how much revenue bills will generate, predicted a paper lottery would produce $166.7 million annually.

The Alabama Senate will debate a lottery bill today.

Albritton was asked about the divided loyalties that have s stopped previous lottery bills, including one proposed by former Gov. Robert Bentley in 2016.

Albritton said the patchwork of gambling activity makes it hard to round up a consensus.

One focus of the debate will be on whether electronic gambling should be allowed.

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