Boston Dynamics' Robot Dogs Display Terrifying Strength By Pulling A Truck Uphill

Boston Dynamics’ Spot Mini robots work together to pull a truck

WATCH: 10 robot dogs pull a truck in a slightly terrifying display of raw power

A pack of dog-like robots pulling a truck along a road has social media blowing up as people freak out over the impressive, yet unnerving, display of mechanical strength.

Boston Dynamics, the company behind robots like the SpotMini, Spot and Atlas, posted the video on YouTube on Tuesday.

What just happened? Robotics company Boston Dynamics has released a new video showing what a team of its SpotMini machines are capable of. In a newly released video, you can see 10 Spotpower bots - a beefed-up variant of Spotmini - teaming up to pull a truck across the road (with 1-degree inclination) easily.

The task was carried out in the Boston Dynamics' auto park, which has a one degree incline making the task a little bit harder. We can't wait to see what Spotmini might be able to do in the real world. There's someone behind the wheel in case things go wrong, but the vehicle remains in neutral.

Boston Dynamics wasn't immediately available for comment but said in the video's description that the robots are being developed for a range of applications.

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