Daniel Jeremiah’s latest mock draft sends Josh Allen to the Buccaneers

7 of the best value picks in Jets draft history

7 of the best value picks in Jets draft history

In addition, he says the Raiders could bring in a quarterback this April, but it would not be likely until Day 3 of the 2019 NFL Draft.

If the Arizona Cardinals plan to draft quarterback Kyler Murray No. 1 overall, tipping their hand would decrease their leverage in potentially trading Josh Rosen. Quarterback Baker Mayfield was coached by new Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech as a freshman before being benched in favor of Patrick Mahomes and transferring to Oklahoma, where he became a Heisman Trophy victor and the 2018 No. 1 overall pick in the draft. "We're nine days away, guys".

As for incumbent starter Rosen, Kingsbury said Rosen already has a "good grasp" of the offense Kingsbury has installed over the week-plus that players have returned to meetings. "The one thing that I've appreciated about him the most since we drafted him, the kid has an unbelievable amount of mental toughness", he said.

Alabama offensive tackle Jonah Williams is heading into the 2019 NFL Draft with a lot of buzz, and it's looking like he could be a top-10 pick as the Jacksonville Jaguars and several others like him. Keim said. "That's the million dollar question". On Tuesday, Keim was asked whether he's ever spread misinformation himself. "It's fun, it's good for talk shows and TV, but we have a job to do, as well". Baker Mayfield, the No. 1 pick in last year's National Football League draft, received $32 million guaranteed. Keim, for his part, said he learned long ago it made little sense to force any draft picks down a coach's throat, since it inevitably causes a problem for the player as soon as he arrives. "Once we finish with the 120 process, Kliff and I will sit down with (Cardinals president) Michael Bidwill and we'll discuss all of our options".

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