EU approves tougher EU copyright rules in blow to Google, Facebook

EU approves tougher EU copyright rules in blow to Google, Facebook

EU approves tougher EU copyright rules in blow to Google, Facebook

MEPs voted to adopt the new Directive late last month, meaning the Council's vote allows the Directive to be written into the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU) in the coming days. U.S. Internet giants such as Google and Facebook fought a public campaign against the legislation.

The directive introduces a new right for press publishers for the online use of their publication.

Under the new regime Google-owned YouTube, Facebook's Instagram and other sharing platforms will have to install filters to prevent users from uploading copyrighted materials.

"With today's agreement, we are making copyright rules fit for the digital age".

"We believe that the Directive in its current form is a step back for the Digital Single Market rather than a step forward".

All of the aforementioned countries, bar Sweden, had committed to a joint statement ahead of the vote, saying that the directive "does not strike the right balance between the protection of rights holders and the interests of European Union citizens and companies". Exceptions in the directive have been made for content that is deemed "quotation, criticism, review, caricature, parody or pastiche", including the use of memes. Supporters of the reforms, along with the European Commission, suggest that the new rules will ensure fair remuneration for those producing content displayed online.

The adopted directive includes articles 15 and 17. "This [directive] hurts small and emerging publishers, and limits consumer access to a diversity of news sources". "Next month's European elections are an opportunity to elect a strong cohort of open champions at the European Parliament who will work to build a more open world". One of the the Internet's strengths is being global and not restricted by borders.

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