Fake German heiress convicted of conning banks in NY

Anna Sorokin

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"As proven at trial, Anna Sorokin committed real white-collar felonies over the course of her lengthy masquerade", Vance said in a statement. She is scheduled to be sentenced May 9.

Anna Sorokin was found guilty on Thursday after prosecutors alleged she deceived friends and financial institutions into believing she had $67 million.

Through clever lies and incredible self-confidence, Sorokin - who now faces up to 15 years in prison - received tens of thousands of dollars in loans from several banks. Sorokin allegedly duped Williams into paying a $62,000 bill for what was advertised as an all-expenses-paid trip to Morocco - a charge of which Sorokin was acquitted.

Sorokin, 28, invented a new identity upon her 2016 arrival in the United States, presenting herself as an heiress when she was in fact the daughter of a Russian truck driver who moved to Germany at the age of 16.

The brazen scam made Sorokin a hot Hollywood commodity after she was profiled in a New York Magazine article, How Anna Delvey Tricked New York's Party People, by Jessica Pressler.

The loan fell through, the AP reported, but Sorokin did land a $100,000 loan that she failed to repay.

Her attorney, Todd Spodek, insisted Sorokin planned to settle her six-figure debts and was merely "buying time".

During her trial, the court heard competing about the fake German heiress, who was portrayed as a profligate con artist and as an ambitious entrepreneur seduced by New York's opulence.

"Her overall scheme has been to claim to be a wealthy German heiress with approximately $US60 million in funds being held overseas", prosecutor Catherine McCaw said after Ms Sorokin's October 2017 arrest. But he said he was pleased Sorokin had been acquitted of one of the most serious charges in the indictment: attempting to steal more than $1 million from City National Bank.

The verdict followed two days of deliberations where jurors repeatedly asked for clarification on the law.

They reached their verdict less than two hours later. She maintained the German heiress ruse as long as possible to try and amass enough funds for the club by swindling unsuspecting and unconscionably wealthy NY party people.

The rights were eventually acquired by Netflix, with Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes attached.

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