Google Camera 6.2 adds Dark Mode and new animated transitions

Dark Mode Setting is available on Google Camera 6.2

Google Camera 6.2 adds Dark Mode and new animated transitions

Once the Night Mode has been activated, the camera app's UI will automatically change to align with the dark theme.

Google Camera 6.2 is already rolling out on the Play Store, however, users who cannot find it yet and are willing to try it out can grab it from APK Mirror. Our goal is to enable those that are closer to being finished. As per the code seen in the teardown, the Google camera app might soon get support for the measuring functionality of Google's Measure app.

The Camera app's interface has always been focused on black, but when you switched to settings, you were always hit by a jarring white screen.

Google has been working, for the past several versions, on a Time Lapse mode which has the codename of Cheetah. This mode will allow users to record time lapses at faster speeds.

Google Camera app has received a new update that has introduced a host of new elements such as night mode overlay, UI changes, and mode switch transition effects among others. The dark mode setting is included on the Google Camera. With the 6.2 update, the screen does not turn black anymore, but there is a cool zoom in and zoom out transition.

Users can opt between HDR+ and HDR+ Enhanced modes when HDR+ manual control is on. The latter mode is slower than the former one but provides better photo quality.

Switching between camera, video, portrait, and panorama in version 6.1 of the Camera app showed a black transition screen with the mode's icon in the middle. There is also a zoom in and out effect while the selected setting's icon remains in the middle of the screen.

Also, the sound account symbol has been migrated to fall in accordance with the screen button while utilizing the Panorama mode. As a financial journalist Jackson has published stories for CBC Business Online, as well as Buzz Feed and Motherboard.

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