Huawei ‘Open’ to the Idea of Selling 5G Modems to Apple

Balong 5000

Huawei ‘Open’ to the Idea of Selling 5G Modems to Apple

Huawei is a competitor to Apple, especially in global markets, and the idea the company is only willing to supply 5G chips to Apple is an interesting one.

Huawei first launched its 5G basband chip, Balong 5000 in August 2018 and at MWC 2019, the company released the Huawei Mate X with this chip.

Huawei is one of few phone companies that makes its own chipsets and cellular modems but only uses it in its own devices.

AN UNLIKELY PARTNERSHIP may be about to blossom, as Huawei is reportedly willing to flog its 5G modem chips to Apple. Almost all of us know that Apple is reportedly planning to launch a 5G iPhone in 2020, and even that plan does not appear to be going according to the company's wishes.

However, the relationship between Apple and Intel may be strained a bit, and that could push Apple's plans a bit.

However, citing an an anonymous source, recent media reports claimed that Apple has "lost confidence" in Intel after the chipmaker failed to meet certain development deadlines. You'll only find its HiSilicon Kirin chipset in the Huawei Mate 20 and Huawei P30 Pro, for example. Another thing to point out is that while Apple has a slew of engineers working on its own modem solution, chances are that the first commercial silicon might not be launched until 2021.

Historically, Huawei has denied selling components to rivals, with some commentators questioning a potential strategic shift. The entire plan evaporated at the eleventh hour.

Some analysts claim the move to supply Californian-based Apple with Chinese 5G chipsets could be perceived as an "olive branch" between the two countries, however, it's likely political implications will arise.

As Apple continues to fight its way through the quagmire of lawsuits against it, the company from Cupertino is also still looking for modem suppliers besides Qualcomm and Intel.

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