'Overwatch' Workshop adds more custom options for heroes and modes

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'Overwatch' Workshop adds more custom options for heroes and modes

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the Workshop for Overwatch, a mode that expands customization features available to players in the game browser.

Workshop is only available on the Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC right now, but once it launches fully you'll be able to try the custom games on console as well.

In the Workshop introduction video, game director Jeff Kaplan explained the Workshop, saying it's robust enough to even "prototype your own Overwatch hero using this system".

The Workshop started as a pet project for two of the team's programmers, and soon ballooned into its own in-game tool. Debugging tools, as well as a way for players to easily share the custom modes they make, are included in the Workshop as well.

A new Workshop feature is coming to Overwatch, allowing players to add script for rules and unique play conditions to game modes.

The Workshop can be enjoyed by non-programmers as well. It's a system lightly based on the scripting tools Blizzard uses to make the game, with a custom interface and additional systems layered on top. We won't be able to import art into Overwatch or create custom geometry. On that front, Blizzard has baked in a debugger called the Workshop Inspector to help creators work out kinks. Molten Floor is just what it sounds like: if you touch the ground, you catch on fire. One is Molten Floor, which is essentially a game of "The Floor Is Lava" - that could be especially helpful for Pharah and Lúcio players looking to sharpen their jetpack or wall-riding skills. "I have to warn you upfront: this is more of what I would call a "power user" feature", Kaplan notes.

"You love Mystery Heroes but some of you would like to have a [more balanced version]", he said. "We're hoping that this opens up a whole new wide array of game modes that the community is going to create, and that there'll be some really fun stuff out there for all of you", says Kaplan.

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