Tom Brady no longer allowed to play in preferred helmet

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Tom Brady no longer allowed to play in preferred helmet

In fact, 32 players will now have to switch to approved helmets.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady reportedly is among the players who must switch helmet models.

The NFL released its helmet laboratory testing performance results Friday and it will result in a significant change for Tom Brady.

Brady actually tried to wear a new helmet last season, but he ended switching back to his beloved Riddell VSR-4 to finish out the year. That prohibited list - which includes 11 helmet models - is especially important this year because, for the first time, no player will be allowed to wear those helmets this season, even if he has worn them previously.

The NFL and NFLPA have been subjecting helmets to testing since 2015, and last year six types were banned immediately while four others - including Brady's - were allowed for one more year, according to Seifert.

According to Jeff Miller, the NFL's executive vice president of health and safety initiatives, teams will be punished if any player is caught using a banned helmet. Of the 11 models tested this spring, nine were new to the market, one was tweaked significantly and another had been overlooked in 2018, according to Dr. Kristy Arbogast, the NFLPA's engineering consultant.

"I still wear a very old helmet, probably out of habit", Brady said, via

The league and players' union compile the results, rank the helmets and produce a poster in which helmet models are placed into three categories: green, yellow and red.

It appears Brady's day of reckoning has come, so unless he wants to do battle with the league again, he'll need to find a new favorite helmet for his 20th NFL season. By the end of the season, the number had dropped to just those 32 players, or about 2 percent of the league. When the season began, 17 percent of players were still wearing prohibited helmets, the league says. "You can see when you see the poster that numerous new helmets that are being introduced to the market are top performers". There are 27 helmets that tested into the best performing category, and officials also plan to make recommendations to players about which higher performing helmets offer the same comfort, fit and look as a prohibited helmet, to facilitate the switch.

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