Trump Has a GOP Challenger

William Weld

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld. More

Bill Weld, the Harvard-educated former MA governor whose name appeared next to presidential candidate Gary Johnson's on the Libertarian ticket in 2016, officially announced on Monday that he is going to challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020.

In a three-minute video announcing his candidacy released Monday, Weld highlighted some widely criticized comments by Trump, including Trump saying then-Sen.

Weld has previously run for federal office in the USA as a candidate for vice president on the Libertarian Party ticket in 2016, alongside presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

"In these times of great political strife, when both major parties are entrenched in their "win at all cost" battles, the voices of the American people are being ignored and our nation is suffering", Weld said in statement. "I am ready to lead that fight", he said. He added, "I could not support Donald Trump for president". His campaign recently reported raising $30 million in the first quarter of this year, while Democrats are raising less money than in previous cycles. "Integrity. Independence." After his "historic victory", Weld "cut taxes 21 times", "balanced the budget", "reformed welfare", and went on to win re-election "by the widest margin ever" in the state's history, the video states.

"I spent seven years in the Justice Department trying to keep the politics out of law enforcement, he's trying to put it in", Weld said.

Weld has not won a political race since being re-elected governor by a landslide in his heavily Democratic state in 1994.

After winning a second term, Weld's attention appeared to drift away from the governor's office and toward other political pursuits.

He resigned as governor the following year after Clinton nominated him to be ambassador to Mexico, but it was a post he would never hold. He has supported legalization of medical marijuana since 1992.

Bill Weld, 73, a former governor of MA governor, announced that he would be making the rare move against an incumbent president by calling on "patriotic men and women across our great nation to stand and plant a flag".

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