Wait nearly over for release of (almost) full Mueller report

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

The chairman of the House judiciary committee on Sunday said a report filed by special counsel Robert Mueller could contain "proof of some very bad deeds" and warned that the entire document must be made available to Congress.

U.S. President Donald Trump questioned Saturday whether Congressional Democrats should have access to a redacted version of the Mueller report that cleared him of conspiring to collude with Russian Federation during the 2016 election. Translation: Trump gets a pass from his political appointee. According to the summary, Mueller found no collusion with Russian Federation but made no definitive conclusions on obstruction of justice.

In it, Barr said that Mueller and his team of investigators found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy but while they did not conclude the president obstructed justice they did not exonerate him. He believes the public should have "tremendous confidence" in Barr's integrity.

Attorney general William Barr is expected to release a redacted version of the Mueller report to Congress in the coming days. The attorney general indicated that he would be open to negotiating with congressional leaders who want to see Mueller's underlying evidence once the report is released.

The president's latest comments come days after he called the probe an attempted "coup", while Barr promised to investigate FBI "spying" on Trump.

Attorney General Barr is likely going to release the "vast majority" of the Mueller report, including showing how it reached its "no collusion" conclusion and begging the question why was there an investigation "in the first place", according to President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani. But Barr responded, saying he thought he could complete any redactions by "mid-April, if not sooner", and the release anticipated for this week does hit that promised timeline.

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