Will Russell Wilson get his contract extension?

Russell Wilson Won't Sign Long-Term Deal With Seahawks Beyond April 15

Sources - QB Wilson won't sign after deadline

Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks are coming up on his self-imposed April 15 deadline and have yet to agree on an extension, which could make things very interesting next winter.

His agent Mark Rodgers was also said to be there, too, negotiating a contract with the team to try to assure Wilson's long-term status as the team's quarterback. That's the deadline he set for the organization to settle on a long-term contract extension.

Regardless of whether he has a new contract or no, it had been expected all along that Wilson will fulfill all of his regular requirements, including the offseason training program, which began Monday and is technically voluntary. The Seattle Seahawks did not cave to the demands of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback and there is no contract extension in place.

The news comes shortly after reports surfaced that the 30-year-old wants to play for another team, and his unspoken desire to move on has led him to take a harder stance during contract negotiations. Clark did not attend voluntary sessions last year, either, raising the expectation that he also won't be around this year until his future is settled, or mandatory camps begin. He signed a 6-year, $114,100,000 contract back in 2016 which runs through 2021. Not only that, they would have to make him the highest paid player in National Football League history. A significant amount of guaranteed money.

Denver's offensive line has improved over the last couple of seasons, but with new additions, I would consider it a red flag, especially if Wilson is a Bronco.

FanSided.com put the Denver Broncos on their list of teams to potentially trade for Wilson.

But what happens if Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks don't come to terms on a contract extension? But Tom Peliserro of the NFL Network reported that Moore will sign his contract Tuesday.

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