A John Wick Fortnite Limited Time Battle Royale is Officially Here

Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle

Fortnite Tactical Assault Rifle

Fortnite has been updated with a new Limited Time Mode that adds John Wick to the game, alongside a variety of skins.

The John Wick mode follows a similar limited-time experiment by Fortnite with Avengers: Endgame, allowing players to battle against Thanos. In addition, an elimination also bags you the number of gold coins your victim has amassed, so taking out a dominating player can be worth a huge amount.

You can also buy the John Wick Set, which comprises of the John Wick Outfit and the Simple Sledge Pickaxe.

When players kill other "bounty hunters", they receive gold coins - which, as any Wick fan can tell you, is the currency utilized by the sprawling network of assassins seen throughout the movies. Early in the match they'll have icons over their heads, then they'll show up on the compass when moving or shooting nearby, and when they reach 600 coins they will show up on the map and compass regardless of distance, as well as glowing.

Coin leaders can be seen by everyone on map/compass when they are moving or shooting. However, one of the most anticipated collaborations is the widely rumored John Wick cross over. You must complete these challenges in the new mode to unlock the black umbrella glider One Shot, the black weapon wrap Boogeyman, and the shiny back bling Gold Token. Upon crossing this final threshold, the top player will have the alt Wick skin for the rest of the match, even if they lose the lead.

The first squad to gather the specified quantity as a squad will win.

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