Google to Pay Owners of Faulty Pixel Phones Up to $500

Google to Pay Owners of Faulty Pixel Phones Up to $500

Google to Pay Owners of Faulty Pixel Phones Up to $500

Well, they didn't intentionally cut corners. Affected owners could get as much as $500 from the company, but the payout will probably be much lower. On affected devices, users encountered problems with voice quality on phone calls and Assistant voice controls.

Back in 2017, some original Pixel and Pixel XL started experiencing microphone failures - theorized to be due to a hairline crack in the mic's solder.

"Google's total financial commitment under this agreement shall be $7,250,000", the settlement agreement says.

In February 2018, Pixel owners launched a lawsuit against Google for continuing to sell the phones despite knowing about their faults, and after it promised to take "additional steps to reinforce the connection". That money will go toward legal fees and payments to Pixel and Pixel XL owners.

"Instead of fixing the defective Pixel phones, providing refunds, or replacing the devices with non-defective phones, Google has replaced defective phones with other defective phones, resulting in many consumers repeatedly experiencing the microphone defect", the complaint said.

The Verge reports that Google's settlement is separated into four groups with different amounts of compensation. These claimants could be paid up to $500 in the settlement. Anyone who owned a single device could get up to $350, and owners who experienced no problems could still get up to $20.

As part of that lawsuit, Google and Huawei agreed to a $9.75 million settlement and the final decision on that lawsuit is due to be made after a hearing on October 10.

The court has not approved the settlement, but the law firm representing Pixel owners expects it will be. You can fill out a form to get updates as the case winds down and the claim forms become available.

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