IPhone XR to come in two new colors in 2019

Image Source Mark Gurman Twitter

Image Source Mark Gurman Twitter

Last fall, a draft list of one of Trump's round of China tariffs would have affected the Apple Watch and Apple AirPods, for example, although the final list did not affect Apple's products. The last resort would presumably be passing the cost to consumers due to the negative effect the price increases would have on iPhone sales, though that being said, 14 percent would be a lot for Apple to absorb and most certainly is something they'll want to avoid at all costs. Under this "more draconian scenario, " expenses could escalate "by roughly 10%+ over time".

Not only would it standardize the charging experience, but it would make it easier for us to connect our iPhones to our Macs (do we really need a dongle to do that right now!?) and use a whole host of peripherals compatible with other devices.

The new three iPhone models will be looking more like the current one but with additional features.

The company assembles iPhones in China, making it vulnerable to price increases if a tariff were to be placed on Chinese exports.

Previous rumours have suggested Apple could be about to add a feature standard to many top Android models to its latest crop of iPhones, rumour suggests - fast charging. First, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman posted a photo of "alleged next iPhone case moldings" on Twitter early Monday morning that shows the designs of all three new 2019 iPhone models.

Sure, the iPhone would need to be thicker to accommodate a USB-C port, but we're happy with that.

The phone is now priced at about 1,000 dollars. Well, it's exciting to see what new models will bring for the users. We know numerous changes and upgrades, we know the design will be similar to that of the 2018 lineup, and we now might know the colors of the iPhone 11R lineup.

Meanwhile, more case renders have surfaced over on SlashLeaks that give us an idea of what the upcoming device's camera might look like while decked out in a third party housing (it still ain't pretty, as it turns out). These will be placed, together with an LED flash, inside a square shaped box believed to be the same size as that of the box housing the rumored triple-camera setup for the 2019 iPhone XS and XS Max.

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