Mr. Ratburn's gay wedding on PBS show 'Arthur' causes social media mania

Mr. Ratburn and his husband get married and become the superheroes we need in Arthur

Mr. Ratburn's gay wedding on PBS show 'Arthur' causes social media mania

Arthur debuted in 1996 and featured Mr. Ratburn in its debut episode, Arthur's Eyes.

In a plot twist, the woman Mr. Ratburn was having lunch with turns out to be his sister-played by Lynch.

Some folks were just as shocked to find out "Arthur" still airs new episodes.

"It's a brand-new world", Buster adds. Clearly, Arthur remains on-the-ball where social issues are concerned, and it will be curious to see whether they continue to pursue the avenue of gay rights in subsequent episodes. Do you know how awesome it is that someone who's been on the show from the start, someone who's a main character, is openly gay and getting married on a kids show? One Twitter user questioned PBS Kids's agenda.

GLAAD even congratulated the teacher.

It seems Mr. Ratburn has finally found the ideal match in his professional chocolatier husband, Patrick - who should be able to cater generously to his cake-eating needs.

On this week's Arthur season premiere, Arthur and the gang learn that their teacher, Mr. Ratburn, is getting married, which they think is "wrong" because "teachers don't get married!" Buster says in the episode titled "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone".

The entire heartwarming episode can be viewed here.

'Mr. Ratburn is the gay icon I never knew I needed, ' a viewer wrote.

Believe it or not, the animated kid's series Arthur is still going strong on the air. These topics include asthma, diabetes, cancer and dyslexia.

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