'PUBG Mobile' will ask younger players to take a break

PUBG Mobile How to update PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android for Season 7

PUBG Mobile How to update PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android for Season 7

Let's take a look at everything new in PUBG Mobile Season 7.

PUBG Mobile or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile has finally received its much awaited 0.12.5 update. The update brings tons of changes on board along with the all-new Season 7.

In response to complaints about young users playing the game too much, PUBG Corporation and publisher Tencent Games are introducing a new gameplay management system that will encourage players to be aware of their play time on PUBG Mobile. The Skorpion is a sub-machine pistol which uses 9mm ammo. The gun will be available in all the existing maps. The latest update also brings a new server location to the Battle Royale game. The company also announced the Royale Pass Season 7 would bring several new weapon skins, new helmets and other features. Additionally, a new set of character beards and parachute trails have been added. These include the return of the subscription feature, the addition of new category tabs, which can be found in the in-game shop.

"Our team wants to ensure our community is equipped to make informed choices when it comes to PUBG Mobile", Tencent Games manager Vincent Wang said in a prepared statement, casting it as a "proactive step in ensuring that hundreds of millions of players worldwide can continue to enjoy PUBG Mobile in a sustainable manner". It seems like the new update allows users to purchase some items using BP like Silver Frags.

The update will be available via Play Store by 2 am UTC tomorrow which is 7:30 PM IST. The Royale Pass Season 6 has already been taken down by the company and players in India are eagerly waiting for the Season 7 to begin.

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