Samsung has reportedly sorted the Galaxy Fold’s screen problems

Galaxy Fold fixes are coming and these are the changes Samsung made

Samsung has reportedly sorted the Galaxy Fold’s screen problems

Sources for Korean outlet Yonhap News claim that Samsung is making a number of adjustments to the device to eliminate premature failures. Other display-related problems were supposedly caused by dust and debris getting caught in tiny gaps caused by the Fold's hinge. Since the film resembled a typical disposable screen protector, many reviewers had taken it off. The results weren't pretty.

The tech giant has also previously said that it will make it clearer on its packaging that the protective layer should not be removed.

The carrier said access to 5G networks is only available on its Above and Beyond Unlimited plans, and that the carrier will waive the $10 per month fee to access the 5G network for a limited time.

In some reported cases, the display, even without accidental tampering, seems to have spontaneously ceased working, causing the phone to lose half of its screen or go completely black.

Regarding the hinge, the report suggests that Samsung is dramatically reducing the portion of the device where the hinge is exposed.

In 2016, the South Korean phone maker had to recall its Galaxy Note 7 phone amid reports that the device's batteries were overheating, catching fire and exploding in customers' pockets.

After this saga, people interested in buying the Galaxy Fold will naturally be wary about the handset's longevity.

We were able to test the Verizon 5G network in Chicago using a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (and we'll stick around to keep doing so until Tuesday on our own), and we've been able to pull down consistent speeds topping 1Gbps.

Despite threatening to cancel preorders and saying very little about the durability issues, Samsung hasn't given up on the Fold. This was an issue several other reviewers faced. George stated in his tweet, "This is 5G on the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G in front of my hotel".

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