Tati Westbrook Kids? YouTuber Opens Up About Her Fertility Struggles

Home > EntertainmentSource Instagram Nikita Dragun Has the Receipts in the James Charles Sugarbear Drama By Anna Quintana2 hours ago

Home > EntertainmentSource Instagram Nikita Dragun Has the Receipts in the James Charles Sugarbear Drama By Anna Quintana2 hours ago

In a response video, James Charles said: "Boys have been a topic that I've talked a lot about on my social media journey, and I wish I hadn't".

In case you missed it, major drama first erupted between the beauty professionals last Friday, when Westbrook released a lengthy video called "Bye Sister" - which has been viewed 46.8 million times - cutting ties with her former protégé.

She also accuses Charles of using his fame to "manipulate someone's sexuality" - apparently a reference to an incident in which Charles, who identifies as gay, pursued a straight man.

In any case, Westbrook andCharles are beauty vloggersof great renown in the Beauty YouTube universe (which, I checked, is a thing) - respectively sporting 10 million and 13 million followers (though Charles had way more than that up until recently).

His vague response hasn't stopped him from losing almost three million subscribers so far - something Paul says he doesn't understand.

The feud began in April, when Charles posted to his Instagram stories about Sugar Bear Hair, a competitor to Westbrook's Halo Beauty line. I want the picking sides and the abusive memes and the language and all of that.

"This was really a wake-up call and it was me trying to reach someone that I thought was unreachable", Westbrook explained.

Kjellberg called Charles' video a "trainwreck", noting that the beauty guru didn't explain much of the controversy now surrounding him and spoke incredibly slowly throughout the duration of his message, also taking issue with Charles claiming that he would "make more mistakes" in the future before making visible efforts to improve. "That is so ridiculous to me", she said.

Widespread backlash followed news of the alleged indiscretions raised by Tati, and saw many of James' teenage followers turn on him in the form of YouTube unfollows. "I loved him from the moment I met him".

The 37-year-old goes on to state she wanted to meet with James face-to-face but hadn't been able to since his "downfall".

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul is speaking out in defense of controversial YouTuber James Charles. "I don't want you guys to be hating on him". "I feel like that would just be the biggest accomplishment ever".

"I don't think his career is over".

Westbrook went on to say that many private conversations happened before the video went live and she felt it was her duty to bring his behavior to light.

"I think that we owe it to James to let him figure it out and heal and I hope that he does that", she continues.

However, the star experienced a quick fall from grace last week when Tati Westbrook uploaded her 43-minute long YouTube video which was titled: "Bye Sisters".

"How entitled do you have to be to think that you have it rough?"

"I just want you guys to know that there is no celebration in what's happening".

Others described her as "genuine", adding: "Tati is so mature it's insane".

The "crime" in question was a barrage of accusations after OG beauty guru Tati Westbrook dropped a bombshell of a YouTube video.

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