White House asked McGahn to say Trump didn't obstruct justice

Reached for comment about the request, McGahn's lawyer, William Burck, said: "We did not perceive it as any kind of threat or something sinister".

The Wall Street Journal also reported late Friday that McGahn "rebuffed" a request from White House officials to issue a statement declaring that Trump did not obstruct justice.

The NYT furthered that report, alleging that Trump asked McGahn for the same proclamation in the small period of time between the time when Trump's lawyers got a copy of the Mueller report and when it was publicly released.

Former White House Counsel Don McGahn declined to comment when asked on Thursday if he is going to testify before the House Judiciary Committee about the Russian Federation probe and Special Counsel Bob Mueller's final report.

In a statement Friday night, Burck declined to elaborate on his discussions with Flood but said the request from the White House was not improper.

"This is why it is critical for Mr. McGahn to come before our committee and answer questions for the American people", Nadler tweeted following the Times report. On Tuesday, the White House exerted executive privilege to bar McGahn from complying with the congressional subpoena.

A source familiar with Flood's call to Burck conveying the request said Trump was upset by McGahn's refusal to state publicly that the President did not obstruct justice.

The Trump White House has instructed McGahn to refuse to comply with Democrats' subpoena, and House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep.

In February 2018, Trump pressured McGahn to deny a news report that the president had pressured him to help oust Mueller.

But Burck declined on McGahn's behalf, the people said, because Attorney General William Barr had already concluded there was insufficient evidence to accuse the president of criminal obstruction.

The Don who said no to the Donald, at a farewell ceremony for departing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on May 9.

In the redacted report released later, Mueller indicated that the investigation into possible obstruction of justice could not clear Trump.

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