Gabbard Most Searched Candidate on Google After First Debate

Gabbard Most Searched Candidate on Google After First Debate

Gabbard Most Searched Candidate on Google After First Debate

"The Taliban didn't attack us on 9/11, Al-Qaeda did", Gabbard snapped back.

Tweeting from Gabbard's Twitter account, Gabbard's sister blasted NBC during the debate for the discrepancy, saying it was "clear" that Warren was the favorite.

Gabbard, a longshot candidate in the crowded Democratic contest for the 2020 nomination, was the most searched candidate on Google in most states, with Sen.

"We are not connecting to the working class people in the very states that I represent, in OH, in the industrial Midwest", said Ryan (D-13).

Representative Tim Ryan used most of his time on Wednesday night's debate stage to pitch himself as the solution to winning over Trump supporters.

"Is that what you will tell the parents of those two soldiers who were just killed in Afghanistan, well we just have to be engaged?" she asked the Ohio Democrat. She doesn't indulge in culture war grandstanding, unlike most of her colleagues, which clearly endears her to some elements of the right.

But Gabbard, who was in poll rankings and stage position on the edge among the primary contenders, also struggled with the same obstacle many of her rivals faced Wednesday: the debate clock.

Gabbard touts her military experience, having served two tours of duty in Iraq as a soldier in the Hawaii Army National Guard.

This view puts her at odds with much of the establishment liberal media, which has repeatedly attempted to cast her as a Russian stooge, a dictator-loving sycophant, and a brainwashed cult member, among other groundless charges.

Gabbard kept the focus on the U.S.'s aggressive foreign policy the entire night. To begin with, she schools a Democratic colleague about the US-led invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. And it wouldn't be just contained within Iran.

Jared Kushner is talking up a US -led consortium to raise $50 billion for the Palestinians in return for their forfeiture of sovereignty and an end to their dream of a nation-state on the West Bank and Gaza with Jerusalem as its capital.

This June, Vladimir Putin traveled to Beijing where he and Xi Jinping met in the Great Hall of the People to warn that in this time of "growing global instability and uncertainty", Russian Federation and China will "deepen their consultations on strategic stability issues". Putin responded: "Cooperation with China is one of Russia's top priorities and it has reached an unprecedented level". Asked if that's not a risky thing to call for, Ryan maintained that it would be unsafe to not enter a Cold War posture with that nuclear-armed state. Uniquely, though, she frames these priorities as inextricably connected to USA foreign policy, which has appeal to libertarians and conservatives who might not agree with her proposed left-wing domestic agenda, but also view the US role in the world as over-extended and financially wasteful. We have got to have some presence there.

Was all this the doing of those damnable isolationists again? In recent days, she made her point: "No war with Iran".

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