Google Assistant finally works in Waze

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Credit The Verge

But that doesn't mean Waze is getting overlooked, as the company just announced a brand new feature for Waze, one that could further improve your navigation experience: Google Assistant. This way, hands stay on the wheel, but Waze's renowned crowd-sourced information will be as fleshed out as ever.

Waze, the social Global Positioning System and navigation app whose features Google Maps has slowly adopted over the years, is catching up for the first time. With Google Assistant support, you will be able to call someone, message people, play music and more, all without leaving the navigation screen through your voice. You'll be able to search for places along your route and add stops along the way with nothing but your voice, Google explained in a blog post.

You have reason to celebrate, if you're a Waze user and have been patiently waiting for this moment - but only if you're in the USA and have an Android phone and its language is set to English. If Google Assistant in Waze isn't working for you yet, it should in the coming days. Just say "Hey Google, report traffic" or "Hey Google, avoid tolls" when navigating with Waze and your Google Assistant will help keep you connected and informed, Google notes, while minimizing distractions. Other countries and languages will unfortunately have to wait.

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