Huawei CFO’s attorneys ask for United States extradition to be withdrawn

China says ‘Canada is to blame’ for problems in relationship

China says ‘Canada is to blame’ for problems in relationship

Lawyers for a senior executive at Chinese tech giant Huawei asked Canada's justice minister on Monday to quash extradition proceedings against Meng Wanzhou and for her to be released.

But in a press release announcing the letter Meng's lawyers urged Lametti to "withdraw the proceedings because the extradition proceedings are without merit and cessation of the proceedings would be in the best interests of Canada's national interests".

Meng's Canadian lawyers said neither Canada nor the United States had jurisdiction in the matter and that Meng's extradition was sought for "political purposes".

Canada's foreign ministry and justice department did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comments.

The appeal would be cheered by China, which has cast the case as a politically-motivated, USA -led campaign to undermine the country's rise.

Huawei CFO's attorneys are pushing to have the extradition process stopped.

In a statement, Meng's lawyers said they sent a letter to Justice Minister David Lametti asking him to withdraw the extradition proceedings.

The politics of the Meng case are particularly complex - and its implications far-reaching.

Meng Wanzhou's defence wrote to Minister of Justice David Lametti, saying it's in Canada's national interest to reject the US request and to free Meng, who's been living under house arrest in Vancouver since her detention last December. They argue that Canada does not have the jurisdiction to prosecute her for the alleged actions, which would not be an offense in Canada since the United States is the country with sanction laws prohibiting business dealings with Iran. The company denies the charges.

In a move widely seen as retaliation and described by some observers as "hostage diplomacy", Beijing detained two Canadians - former diplomat Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor - and blocked Canadian agricultural shipments worth billions of dollars. They have been held without access to lawyers and charged with spying.

Freeland has maintained Meng's arrest is lawful and her rights are being protected while rebuffing China's demands to free her. According to Canadian media, Chretien this month said that Canada's justice minister should intervene in the hope of improving Canada-China relations and helping the detained Canadians.

Freeland has rejected Chretien's view, which was reported in the Globe and Mail based on anonymous sources, saying heeding to external pressure in a single case would set a unsafe precedent that could make Canadians less safe around the world.

In a meeting between Trudeau and Trump in Washington last week, the USA leader promised to do whatever he can to help the detained Canadians.

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