There's a new Xbox Elite controller in town

Microsoft Finally Announces Next-Gen Xbox Elite Controller

Xbox Elite Controller 2 Release Date, Price and Specs News from Microsoft E3 Briefing - Daily Star

One of the flaws of the original Elite controller was that the rubber grips had a tendency to fall off over time, and the new Series 2 addresses that with new grips that wrap all the way around.

First up, you can now store three profiles on the controller, an increase over the two on the current model. Utilize exclusive configuration options including deadzone adjustment and button mapping to voice commands such as "record that" or "take a screenshot". Personally, I've always found the standard Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers to be perfectly adequate when I'm not using a mouse and keyboard, but twitchy, competitive types with much faster reflexes than I may say otherwise. There's a total of 30 new features on the next-gen Elite controller, and it's looking very promising.

The new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 was announced during the Xbox E3 2019 briefing today.

Microsoft's new Xbox Elite controller is not a simple refresh by any means. There's now an internal rechargeable battery pack with a detachable charging dock which provides up to 40 hours of gameplay per charge.

The Elite Series 2 will launch in 24 markets from 4 November and is priced at $179.99 USD/£159.99 GPB/€179.99 Euro.

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