Trying To Keep Up With Walgreens, CVS Expands Health Care Choices

CVS to remodel 1,500 stores into ‘Health Hubs’ by 2021

CVS to remodel 1,500 stores into ‘Health Hubs’ by 2021 Image of a CVS store with the Health Hub concept

CVS Health (CVS) has announced that it will open 1,500 HealthHUBs by the end of 2021 as it looks to accelerate its growth potential, simplify the health system for consumers, and set itself up for long-term growth.

Aside from visits with dietitians, these stores also give customers a chance to get screened for eye problems caused by diabetes, talk to a pharmacist about their treatment plan or get help tracking their blood pressure. HealthHUBs will open around 50 additional locations in Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and Tampa later this year.

CVS Health offered the latest example on Tuesday, announcing plans to expand a new store format that will provide dietitians, help people monitor chronic diseases and add community rooms that can be used for yoga classes.

The company praised HealthHUBs in an April report for "creating connected, seamless interactions that enable the organization to capture much more of the overall spend".

The company said during its pilot phase customers accepted help from our care concierge in more than 95 percent of recorded interactions beyond a greeting, with 60 percent resulting in engagement with a HealthHUB provider or offerings. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and healthcare company Sanitas USA also plan to open 10 primary care medical centers in Dallas and Houston for BCBS and self-pay patients, launching in January. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has one of the country's highest rates of healthcare spending, according to the Health Care Cost Institute, making it solid testing ground for preventive care and wellness programs.

"The CVS-Aetna deal is popularly described as a vertical merger involving two large companies that don't operate in the same markets". On Tuesday, CVS said it expects the merger to drive up to Dollars 350 Million in synergies in 2019, reaching USD 800 Million in 2020.

"We are continuing to drive significant synergies and cost savings across the entire enterprise as we execute our integration plans", CVS CFO Eva Boratto said in a statement.

"It is these competitive concerns that are the catalyst for today's unprecedented evidentiary hearing called by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon to review the adequacy of the merger settlement brokered between CVS, Aetna and the U.S. Department of Justice". The company also anticipates an adjusted operating income of $15 to $15.2 billion, and GAAP operating income of $11.8 to $12 billion. Equities research analysts expect that CVS Health will post 6.84 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.

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