Ubisoft Launches $14.99/month Game Subscription Service for PC, Google Stadia

Ubisoft announces Uplay+ PC game service for whopping $14.99 a month

Uplay+ is Ubisoft’s New Game Subscription Service for PC, Set to Launch in September

It's set to release early 2020 on PC, but a playable pre-alpha demo is available on Uplay for Windows PC, from now through June 14 at 6 AM PT. Subscribing will allow you to play over 100 different games all from Ubisoft.

The games you get through Uplay+ are downloaded to your machine, and Ubisoft says that you'll be able to play "offline-enabled games" without needing to connect to the internet first.

Each game will be the premium edition of each title, including all DLC and expansions.

Players that sign up before August 15 will get free access to UPlay+ for the month of September before being signed up for the monthly service plan in October.

Ubisoft's move continues the fragmentary subscription battle playing out across the game industry. You'll be included in all betas, early access programs and similar offers too. Much like their video streaming cousins, game subscription services have become fairly popular - the market already includes offerings from Microsoft in the form of the Xbox Game Pass, and EA by way of Origin Access. Obviously, Stadia's base service will let you stream the games in 1080p, and you will have to pay an additional $9.99 a month for Stadia Pro if you want to access 4K streaming.

Uplay+ is not only limited to PCs, and will be coming to Stadia in the future.

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