Brexit: Campaigner Gina Miller threatens no deal court battle

Brexit: Campaigner Gina Miller threatens no deal court battle

Brexit: Campaigner Gina Miller threatens no deal court battle

Mr Hunt went on to say he expected Brexit to happen before Christmas and, when asked if there was any chance the United Kingdom could still go in to 2020 as a member of the European Union, he replied: "I don't believe so, no". "A decision was taken - just get on with it - and they are not in that same polarised way that Parliament has been about this issue", she said.

But he again refused to rule out such a radical step, even though former prime minister John Major and Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond have said they'd be prepared to take legal action to prevent that course of action.

But pressed on whether the United Kingdom would be out by Christmas, he said: "I'm not going to give you those commitments".

Mr Johnson has insisted that Brexit must happen by October 31 "come what may", saying the impact of No Deal could be "vanishingly inexpensive" if the United Kingdom prepares properly.

May did not reveal whether she backs Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson as her replacement, saying only that "they understand the responsibility that this job brings".

"They will want to continue to see those goods flowing", he added.

Michelle Ballantyne previously said there's a recognition that Boris Johnson "wouldn't play well in Scotland" but is now backing Johnson for Tory leader.

"He said that what somebody had relayed to him had been a factor in his resignation", Mr Johnson said.

"It is because Parliament may try and take a no deal Brexit off the table altogether and so I think - my commitment is that I think I'm the best person to get a deal and if we get a deal it will be on or around the 31st of October but I can't control what Parliament does and that's why I'm being honest with people about the difficulties".

The Metropolitan Police said this evening it had opened a criminal investigation into alleged leaking of official communications Mr Darroch.

She also hailed the progress made in tackling some of the "burning injustices" she highlighted in her first speech after becoming prime minister. "I think this is leading to a huge erosion of trust in politics". But she was sorry about having to leave when "there was more that I wanted to do".

"It would seriously undermine parliamentary sovereignty for you, as prime minister, to prorogue parliament to prevent it from considering whether to legislate to prevent a no-deal Brexit", the letter said.

"I sat down and tried to get a compromise with [Opposition Leader] Jeremy Corbyn to try to get a deal that would get through Parliament", she said.

On other policies, Jeremy Hunt failed to distinguish himself as foreign secretary, and recently come down against the United States in relation to the ambassadorial controversy, suggesting that a USA free trade deal would be more problematic under him, said Collins.

"So I think that I underestimated the unwillingness of parts some people in parliament to compromise".

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