David Bowie Is Now a Barbie Doll

David Bowie Is Now a Barbie Doll

David Bowie Is Now a Barbie Doll

"Barbie has traded her signature golden locks for a mop of slick, red hair after undergoing an other-worldly makeover".

David Bowie's first hit single "Space Oddity" turned 50 years old, and to celebrate the momentous occasion Mattel made a decision to release a special edition Barbie doll in honor of the late glam rocker.

The release was announced yesterday, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of one of Bowie's most famous songs, "Space Oddity", which actually pre-dated the character of Ziggy.

The doll received a warm reaction online, with fans praising the fluid approach to gender shown by making the Bowie Barbie instead of a Bowie Ken.

Barbie wears the metallic Ziggy space suit with red and blue stripes, flared shoulders and cherry red platform boots. In true Bowie fashion, Barbie also flaunts the musician's red, mullet-like hairdo, statement dusty eyeshadow, and, of course, the striking golden astral sphere symbol on her forehead.

The limited-edition doll comes in a box collaged with images from Bowie's early career, a doll stand and a certificate of authenticity. A new "Space Oddity" 7-inch boxed set is also available and includes a double-sided poster featuring an original "Space Oddity" ad and a shot of Bowie taken on stage at the "Save Rave '69" concert at the London.

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