Europe's Galileo sat-nav system has been down since Friday

Europe's Galileo GPS Satellites Down Europe Relying on American Satellites

Europe's Galileo sat-nav system has been down since Friday

The Galileo global navigation satellite system remains inoperational, with system administrators issuing an advisory notice to all users saying that "until further notice, users experience a service outage. An Anomaly Review Board has been immediately set up to analyze the exact root cause and to implement recovery actions".

"They are working on it. Teams from industry and the Agencies are working 24/7 to restore the Galileo services as soon as possible to their nominal levels". Sat-nav capabilities will be unavailable until further notice, it added.

"The incident has led to a temporary interruption of the Galileo initial navigation and timing services, with the exception of the Galileo Search and Rescue (SAR) service", it continued.

The specialist sat-nav publication Inside GNSS said sources were telling it that the problem lay with a fault at a Precise Timing Facility (PTF) in Italy. That would certainly cause problems, given its whole objective is to generate a reference time to match every clock in the Galileo system.

It then told service users on Saturday that "the cause of the technical incident is identified" and on Sunday revealed that the incident is "related to its ground infrastructure".

However, the outage is an embarrassing hitch for the European Space Agency and European Commission project that is going three times above its €3 billion projected budget.

Galileo is an European Union project to which the United Kingdom has already contributed a significant amount financially.

There are now 22 operational satellites in orbit (another two are in space but in testing), with a further 12 under construction with industry. For reference, Galileo was in development for 17 years before launching in December 2016.

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