Ex-Goodyear teacher gets 20 years for sexual abuse of boy

Ex-Goodyear teacher gets 20 years for sexual abuse of boy

Ex-Goodyear teacher gets 20 years for sexual abuse of boy

A former Arizona teacher was sentenced Friday to 20 years in prison for having sex multiple times with one of her students, a 13-year-old boy.The sentence, the minimum that 28-year-old Brittany Zamora faced, was the culmination of a sensational case that drew worldwide attention, The Arizona Republic reported.

In addition to 20 years in prison, 28-year-old Zamora was sentenced to lifetime probation and must register as a sex offender.

His family also argued that Zamora would likely receive a stiffer sentence if she were a man who had committed the same crimes with a girl.

She admitted to 10 counts of sexual misconduct with the pupil, in addition to two counts of child molestation and another two counts of exposing him to sexually explicit materials.

The student's mother wrote in a victim impact statement that Zamora stole her son's innocence.

In one instance, Zamora had an 11-year-old boy, who was a friend of her victim, to stand and watch them during an encounter in the classroom.

"I am a good and genuine person who made a mistake and regret it deeply", Zamora told the court.

She will be nearly 50-years-old when she's sprung.

Zamora, in turn, apologized to the victims and their families, saying she was "not a threat to society", right before she was sentenced.

As part of the plea agreement, 12 other criminal charges against Zamora will be dismissed.

The boy's mother said she hated Zamora for what she'd done to her child.

The Grade 6 teacher at Las Brisas Academy in Goodyear was busted in 2018 after the boy's parents discovered raunchy text messages from Zamora.

"Brittany Zamora will not even be 50 when she leaves prison". Zamora's husband has already settled his end of the lawsuit. The suit alleged Mr. Zamora never alerted authorities about the molestation.

In a statement read by Zamora's lawyer following her sentence, she hit out at the media for portraying her as a "monster" throughout the trial.

The case has drawn worldwide attention since the sixth-grade teacher was arrested in March 2018. He also left the victim's father emotionally distressed by his phone calls, attorney Steve Weinberger said. They said they plan to focus on holding school administrators accountable.

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