Google is improving the camera features in the Google Translate app

Google Translate instant camera translations get a massive boost

Google Translate’s instant camera gains support for 60 new languages today

Google has also tried to address the amount of flickering on translated text when using instant camera translations. Now, Google has updated it with faster on-device translation, support for 60 more languages, and automatic language detection. From that selection, users will be able to output into over 100 languages.

Google Translate's new instant camera will begin rolling out to about one percent of users today, with full availability coming in the next few weeks. The ability is essential for travelers and others who may need to translate signs, menus, and more, and it just received support for a bunch of additional languages.

Earlier, you had to select the source language and the language you wanted to translate the text in manually. Google is now adding support for 60 additional languages for the instant camera feature, including Hindi, apart from increasing accuracy by nearly 85 percent.

With Google Translate feature you can simply use your camera to translate foreign languages in real time. Google points out that this is handy for travelling in areas where multiple languages are commonplace, and I'm sure you can think of more useful use cases for this feature.

In addition, the visual interface has been tweaked to offer a more refined experience with three modes including Instant, Scan and Import.

With the above feature benefits described, you probably won't be surprised to learn that Google has sharpened up the technology behind this app.

If you selected "Detect language" as the source language, Instant allows you to point your camera at text and have the app recognize the language and translate. The feature works even when your phone isn't connected to the internet, but can provide better translations when there's an internet connection.

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