Huawei calls on US to remove it from security blacklist

Once again Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping have hit the reset button

Once again Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping have hit the reset button

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei expects the USA sanction to cause the company to lose Dollars 30 bln in revenue in 2019 and 2020.

American officials accuse Huawei of facilitating Chinese spying, a charge the company denies, and see it as a growing competitor to USA technology industries.

On 10 July US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that as long as Huawei remains on the entity list, in its implementation of President Donald Trump's G20 summit directive, the department would issue licenses to sell components and spare parts to the Chinese tech giant when it's determined there is no threat to US national security.

"Within those confines we will try to make sure that we don't just transfer revenue from the foreign firms", said Ross. "Actually, we believe our listing on the blacklist should be lifted completely". Despite the pressure on the company, Huawei saw its income grow in the first half of the year, the chairman said without further concretising this. He declined to give details ahead of the release of financial results later this month.

Like Trump and other high-level USA officials, Ross did not specify a time frame or elaborate on what constitutes a national security threat.

We've been talking about Huawei's upcoming new Android-based operating system for a few weeks now, ever since Trump's ban came into effect.

Liang also said that Hongmeng was meant for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and that Huawei still prefers Google's Android for smartphones. "We still haven't decided yet".

Washington will allow Huawei to license "commodity chip sets" and widely available software and tools so long as they don't pose a risk to USA national security or foreign policy interests, the top American diplomat for cybersecurity, Robert Strayer, told reporters on Thursday.

The US and a number of other nations have been accusing Huawei of stealing commercial information with the help of their gadgets, and alleged that the company was working on behalf of the Chinese government.

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