Manta ray 'asks' divers to remove hooks embedded under eye

Giant Manta Ray Begs Diver at Ningaloo Reef to Save Her Eye From Fish Hooks Watch Video

Manta ray begs for help from diver

The three-metre-wide ray can be seen swimming up to diver Jake Wilton, once she reaches him, she flips over in what looks like an attempt to show him that she has hooks caught in her right eye.

A giant manta ray with fish hooks embedded under its eye approached a diver off Western Australia and appeared to be asking him for help in removing the unwanted fishing gear.

Incredible footage of the encounter shows the manta ray spreading its wings wide for best access and motioning Wilton to remove the hook. "I went for a few dives down to see how she'd react to me being close to her".

"I think the manta knew that Jake was trying to get the hooks out", Halls told NBC News.

The video shows Jake triumphantly ascending with the hooks from the sea before the jet majestically swims away.

According to Hall, the manta "absolutely understood" what was occurring and intentionally sought help from Wilton.

"Jake went down again and again and again", he said.

"I wasn't really thinking about anything else except trying to get them out", he said.

Monty Halls of the United Kingdom was among a group of freedivers exploring Ningaloo Reef with Ningaloo Marine Interactions when he witnessed the encounter with guide Jake Wilton, calling it "one of the best things I've ever seen underwater".

Experts say if the hooks hadn't been removed there's a good chance the eye would have become infected, which could have made the manta ray go blind or even kill her.

The video comes barely a month after a Ningaloo Reef pilot captured two whale sharks mating off the coast of Exmouth.

Ningaloo Reef is one of the largest of its kind in the world, 300 km long and home to more than 500 tropical fish species. Dead Humpback Whale Found in Amazon Jungle!

Coral Bay, located along a section of Ningaloo Reef, is a well-known spot to swim with manta rays which congregate in the area in large numbers all year-round.

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