Minecraft Earth, that Pokemon Go-like, is entering beta soon

Minecraft Earth could enter closed beta by 25 July here’s how to register

Minecraft Earth on Android and iOS

Microsoft's upcoming Minecraft Earth video game has been accepting close beta applications since May but it looks like more are needed as the official Minecraft YouTube channel today published a new video promoting the testing period.

When you're walking around in Minecraft Earth, you'll see a map of your surroundings similar to the ones in Pokémon Go or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, according to the video. Players can tap on these objects to unlock special items, blocks, and objects to be used in the world around them. Build plates are the spaces where you're able to build in Minecraft Earth, which you do in miniature on a tabletop or other flat surface before placing the plate elsewhere. You can then use the materials you've gathered to build and create your own creations, and invite friends to help you build on these plates. Then, whatever you built becomes life-size.

The limited iOS beta for Minecraft Earth is due out within the next two weeks, which means sometime before July 26th. It starts up in the next two weeks in a limited number of locations on iOS, with Android to follow later.

In order to register, you simply have to head over to this website, sign in with your Microsoft account, fill up some details and you'll be registered for the beta. Finally, you also have to be over the age of 18 to partcipate.

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